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Digital Media Jukebox Digital Movie Jukebox

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Old 01-18-2005
bryan bryan is offline
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New firmware 1.7

Unfortunately, it's Korean only (at the moment)

But some of the things I can understand look cool!
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Old 01-18-2005
longinus longinus is offline
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This is what google translation said..

1. The Shuffle the function was added - When li it presses the SHUFFLE button of the wool cone, currently from location it mixes the order of all files with option and it remakes. - There is a possibility even on the remaking (case which it remakes with PLAY/SHUFFLE button) middle of function Shuffle with the SHUFFLE button the On/Off.

2. The slide show halfway conversion effective function was added - The function which gives a photograph slide show halfway effect was added. - The Fade the In/Out and Zoom In/Out (L/R/Up/Down), the Scroll L/R/Up/Down functions were added. - With the Random to selection hour it applies up effects with random. - The Off to selection hour like existing effect it is without remade.

3. The JPG while photograph appreciating }mp{3 background music phul ley this function was added.
CHECK OUT HERE .... it appears that you can CHANGE the background picture..

4. The }mp{3 music phul ley the duplex background picture the function which is exchanged makes and was added ☞ [ method 1 ] slide show directory ☞ [ method 2 ] it wants it selects the directory where the slide show it does, ☞ [ while }mp{3 remaking attention fact ]

5. It is a playlist file of the Winamp.m3u it supports a format - The m3u the file the method which it makes: It connects (1) TViX in the PC. It calls in the files which from (2) winamp are to the TViX. SAVELIST from (3) Winamp. This time.m3u the store location of anger work must do as a favor with the files which from above it summons to the Winamp the same green onion mote syen store. (4) TViX it is an immediacy from the PC and crisis.

6. If the pawl the star character screen fringe land function was added more ☞ [ the background painting, inside mam the broad way it changes, ]
And THIS is how it looks like you have to do to change the background image.

7. The Autorun menu of the Setup was changed with the On/Off/Shuffle 3 branch - When it selects the Shuffle, the TViX lights and the autorun pawl more are in the lower part file with automatic movement after position the play in random order.

8. 2GB 4GB It supports the anger one size of over - Under has become format with the NTFS tu 2GB it supports the file format of over from the disk. - ceyn 10GB The single anger wholehearted recognition which goes over it is possible. (The case file system form of the HDD which has become format with the }fat{32 which, from the }win{98 gadfly is only used 2GB does not support an over.) I didn't get this... but maybe it can see files larger than 2gb (this would be cool... I have a couple movies this big, that I had to split)

9. The ISO the Dvd disk which supports a file format li phing grudge.ISO it supports a file.

[ Other function improvement fact ]
This ones are very hard to understant... google did a bad job.

1. When audio Play All (Play/Pause height) it presses the OK button from condition, currently Wuhan repetition of one anger work which is in the process of remaking it remakes. - When the OK it presses Page Up/Down (Next/Previous) it presses a height again, it advances with the next music.

2. Character screen image test function addition - It does a photograph appreciation and when it presses the OK button, at day and time it is designated in the character screen. It presses the Stop and it falls in and and when it comes out, it is to be exchanged with the image which the character screen designates with the OK. Test after doing, it wants with like this to select the character which screen, when in the PC after connecting it is designated with the name which is a tvix.jpg in corresponding directory.

3. Letter color fringe land function addition - The letter color fringe land menu in order it adds in environment set and the user the pawl more life or file life to be visible well in the character screen, it will be able to change a letter color.

4. Transparent anger of basic menu button image - The TViX transparent anger in order it did the basic menu button of the left side lower part and the character screen to look better, it amended.

5. The OSD On/Off function was added from the menu of the Setup - Currently when remaking an eastern image, only File Loading Message the On/Off in order to be done. (It is a plan where the relation OSD of remaking and the other function back will be added in following.)

6. The pawl the stability improved more plentifully at mobile hour. - The pawl it takes but it is a security where the file life is visible the problem point was improved. - The pawl the problem point which the TViX stops more at mobile hour was improved.

7. The JPG while photograph appreciating phoneme of }mp{3 background music well! and it will be able to control a volume - To the middle which from the photograph slide show is converted with the next picture the ANGLE, the NEXT/PREV and the PICTURE it will be able to control.

8. When the photograph / the music pawl it cancels a designation more, the pawl where the jpg or the }mp{3 is not to listen to it moves more ' 0' When it gives a height consecutively ' The pawl more designation cancellation ' The message floats and designation it is canceled. (Previously pe like intention to fight F/W it will be able to remake or with }mp{3 independence jpg independence.)

9. Slide show effect in addition it was caused by and 0 seconds hour intervals were changed ~ 60 middle age. - 0, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 30, 60 seconds. (5 second basic price) - To 0 superhuman cases the maximum in order to output early. (It will follow in size and resolution of the photograph and there is a possibility the hour interval being different.)

10 /tvixfw Directory and the mote of the root lower part pik su the tvix.jpg anger work which is used with the character screen it is not visible not to be, it amended.

11 The case where in the HDD the anger work is not the HDD is not recognized entirely in the normality, in order to show a message, it was improved.

* The mp42 support function which will be a support plan from
1.7 this time pe puts in certainly from warfare and it gives, (until embodiment and test confirmation) the possibility of putting in finally but with memory size problem it was not. Petty optimization it will do more and after complementing afterwords pe it will investigate a support yes or no from before. Also that period the functions which are not embodied from this time 1.7 in the function wild middle which it proposes will investigate from following firmware. Advantage understanding entrusting it gives repeatedly. * It assisted during that time and and once mind depth thanks give again at the beta tester minutes to get torn, in order for to become the more good product, it will endeavor. Thank you.
MP42!!! HUmmm.. that's interesting.. But If I understood it, they didn't add it..

I can't wait to get the english version!!!!!
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Old 01-26-2005
bryan bryan is offline
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bryan is still to judged
Smile Download link

Ok, so the file does actually contain the english version!!!

Download it here, and select English.

Also the TVIX manager 1.50 Beta 2 is available (also in english). Looks like more work has been done regarding corrupted video files.
Also installs vdub mod and Xvid.

No worries!
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Old 01-28-2005
mete_007 mete_007 is offline
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Smile Version 1.7.2 is available.

Hey.. Version 1.7.2 is out, and its in several languages.
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