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Old 02-21-2005
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Originally Posted by farmer57
I did the upgrade to 6.1.2, but it still shows i have version Does this mean it didn't upgrade or doesn't the version number change
That most likely means that you didn't upgrade, as the version number chages after the update

On a sidenote, I'll be away for a week, and I don't know what to do about this thread. I think I will unstick it for now.

If you want to report bugs in the same way (a single thread) I think you can do so in a new thread or just edit this one. Ehm, I don't know, really
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Old 02-23-2005
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Post So much BUGs

BUG (18)
100% CPU usage while adding big taged MP3 still exists
Adding (or Playing) files with large ID3 tags (contains large sized picture... usually BMP) takes an insane amount of time.

BUG (19)
Truck Horn!
Play a song with jetAudio. Launch a constant heavy resource hungry application (like Emulators [MAME or Kawaks])
Now when jetAudio won't get enough CPU resource cause other app is taking most of it. Then instead of break in constant playing of the song,
you'll hear some repeated sound or noise (like truck horn)
Yes, you can change jetAudio's priority to high to prevent break
but why would there be the "Truck Horn" even if it breaks while playing?
I never encountered this kinda problem in any other player.

BUG (20)
CD Audio hijack
This an old bug.
Expand the volume control panel
Set- CD-Audio volume setting > low
Set- Master volume setting > med
Set- jetAudio internal vol > max
Now go to Disk mode
Set- Analog CDAudio Playback (Digital mode- no problem)
Insert An Audio CD
Hit the play button (If no autoplay)

You'll see that CD-Audio setting is auto set to jetAudio's internal vol setting and Your speakers are shaking your house...

BUG (21)
Lyric change (click sound) bug (tested with unsync lyric)
While chaning songs you'll hear a "Click" sound if both current and new song have lyric and jetAudio automatically displays
lyrics. Actually the "click" sound is the sound you set for "Start Navigation" in your windows sound scheme(MyComputer>ControlPanel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Sounds).
jetAudio uses IE for displaying lyrics... now when new song starts to play jetAudio passes the Lyric path to IE and IE starts navigation to that path and you get the Click sound. (That's what I think)

BUG (22)
60% to 80% skip (tested with X-fade enabled)
When jetAudio is about to go to next song... right that moment select DIsk mode. Now go to file mode and hit play.
If you've done correctly, you'll see that jetAudio plays "that next song" from almost at the end i.e. skips first 60%-80%

BUG (23)
jump to 70%
This occured a few times but I don't know how to trigger it.
Clicked the "Go to tray button and the song which was playing
jumped to 70% and started to play from there.

BUG (24)
Old album restores
Start to play any song from your harddisk.
Exit jetAudio and run jetAudio again.
Now jetAudio has automatically selected the song you were playing and that album too.
Select a different album.
Go to disk mode
Go to file mode
jetAudio has selected the "old album" instead of the new "Differnt Album"

BUG (24)
Balance/Volume Bug (Snapshot included)
It's an old bug. I don't know what triggers it but here's a snap shot.
I just reduced the volume by draging the vertical slider but the horizontal siler (Balance)
automatically moved to left. When I reduced the volume to Zero, the balance automatically was centered.
It happens with master volume control (maybe Wave and others too).

BUG (25)
Eq (Snapshots included)
Change Skin to any and then Change back to current skin (going to toolbar mode and back will work too).
If the skin has "eq bar" (the rock pop jazz.... or Dance HP...) you'll notice it is displaying the wrong
eq bar. If you has rock pop jazz.... it'll be Dance HP... and vice versa.
Move you'r mouse over the eq bar and It'll reveal the Correct bar.

BUG (26)
BBE not restored
Click on the effect changer to display BBE and BBE ViVA effect slider.
Now change to a new skin and back.
You'll see that Wave and Reverb are selcted.
This doesn't happen for Wave-Reverb or XBass-XSurround.

BUG (27)
X-fade bug
Set X-fade level to very low (i.e. more lower than 2.5 secs)
Now when jetAUdio is playing songs, it'll
skip the next song then
play the "next next" song then
skip the "next next next" song then
Play the "next"x4 song... you get the idea...
The next song appears to fade in when it's time for it but then it fades out and "next next" song kicks in.

BUG (28)
Conversion/Recording bug
When I recorder that "distorted bug", I did it with jetAUdio's recorder and saved as wave file.
Then I converted those "waves" to mp3 with jetAudio's converter. But there's a error after conversion completes
saying that "conversion can't complete" error 109.
Then I had to convert it by another software which worked fine.
Now what I'm tring to say that I recorded with jetAudio and then jatAudio's converter produced error.
So, there's a problem in jetAduio's Recorder or in Converter (or both)...

Wave-44.1KHz PCM 16bit Stereo
mp3 -56kbps CBR HighSpeed Channels-Default

BUG (29)
I don't know what to call it... maybe "NO Title"
View the "No title"
I sent jetAudio to tray and after a second clicked the refresh button in explorer.
But look what appeared!!
This doesn't happen everytime but occur often.

Every BUG listed is tested by me and they occured more that once.
Attached Files
File Type: zip Balance (86.6 KB, 637 views)
File Type: zip eq bug 1 (How it appears).zip (62.9 KB, 532 views)
File Type: zip eq bug 2 (Mouse over).zip (63.2 KB, 637 views)
File Type: zip eq bug 3 (How it should have been).zip (63.9 KB, 690 views)
File Type: zip NO (22.7 KB, 516 views)
How to make installer for jetAudio Skin?
jetBar for Windows Media Player
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Old 02-23-2005
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When adding files to the current playlist (from explorer) the file should be queued (this works) but the player should not jump directly to it, it should continue down the playlist.
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