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Title Date Price Download
  jetAudio 8.1.10 Basic         Dec 12,15 Free Download Basic
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Title Date Price Download
  jetAudio 8.1.10 Plus VX Dec 12,17 $29.00 Download

  jetAudio 8.1.10 Plus VX Upgrade
for jetAudio 8.XX Plus VX, 7.XX Plus VX, 6.XX Plus and jetAudio 5.XX Plus ONLY
Dec 12,15 Free Download

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New skin uploaded (minor update) - updated on July 08, 10
    jetAudio 8 skins with previous [X] button style. Click here to download

Skin Development Kit for jetAudio 8.0 - updated on July 08, 10
  : Click here to download

For separate purchase of extension packs such as MP3 encoding Pack, Special Sound Effect
  (BBE) Pack, Sound Pack, Enhanced Recording Pack and Application Pack, visit our online store
For COWON MP3 / PMP Player Users
  Visit here and install jetAudio, DO NOT download jetAudio Basic or jetAudio Plus VX Upgrade on this page.


Features Comparison between Basic and Plus VX

Features Basic Plus VX
Audio CD Ripping
Create digital audio files from Audio CD
Convert various digital audio files to supported target file formats
Record from various analog sources such as microphone or Line-In input
Audio CD burning
Create your own Audio CD from digital audio files
Video encoding
Convert various digital video files to supported target file formats
30 seconds
MP3 encoding Pack
MP3 encoding function
Special Sound Effect (BBE) Pack
Enhanced sound effectors such as BBE and BBE ViVA
Sound Pack
Enhanced sound features such as 32 bit output, DRC and Dynamic Limiter
Enhanced Recording Pack
Special recording functions such as Silence Detector, EQ, Low/High/Band Pass filters
Application Pack
Special tools such as Audio Trimmer, Audio Mixing Recorder provided with jetAudio
  Free $29.00