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COWON Introduces 'PLENUE S', the Ultimate HD Sound Player with Powerful Audio Output

- Super high quality PCM1792A DAC and high precision Dual TCXO Clock produces impeccable HD sound quality

- 3Vrms high performance amp design and Balanced output provides clearer and more powerful sound

- Non-converting native DSD 256 support provides genuine original sound playback features

- The latest world-renowned JetEffect 7 sound enhancement module built-in to satisfy all sound preferences

- Titanium silver color and highly durable full metal unibody design provides an attractive appearance, as well as product stability


COWON System (CEO Nam Gyu Park, announced that 'PLENUE S', a high quality audio player boasting native DSD 256 support and powerful output, will be introduced on December.

The 'S' of 'PLENUE S' stands for Supremacy, and COWON guarantees that 'PLENUE S' is the highest quality audio player in the market capable of reproducing impeccable master sound source audio quality.

'PLENUE S' has a built-in PCM1792A, which is a DAC (Digital Analog Converter) designed and developed by Burr-Brown exclusively for Hi-Fi audio systems. It also utilizes a high-precision Dual TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) Clock for reproducing precision 44.1kHz and 48kHz sound without discrepancies, and it provides a stable sound quality even in changes of temperature, temperature of surrounding environment, or voltages that may result from extended playback time.

It also has a built-in 3Vrms high performance amp to provide a powerful driving performance. It allows the user to use high-impedance Hi-Fi headphones without requiring a separate headphone amp, and the user could enjoy a more powerful sound experience even with regular receivers. The device is capable of reproducing DSD256, which is the highest frequency format of all DSD formats, without requiring a PCM conversion. Critics say that 'PLENUE S' is capable of delivering a genuine master sound source quality.

'PLENUE S' boasts 120dB Signal-to-Noise (SNR) ratio, 0.0005% Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N), and -139dB Stereo Crosstalk. It holds the record for the world's highest quality audio properties among all portable audio devices. Moreover, it is equipped with a high quality Balanced output system to enhance output level as well as clearer sound quality. Furthermore, it has the latest version of COWON's world-renowned audio enhancement technology, JetEffect 7, as well as BBE+ for precision sound compensation control features, which allows consumers to make adjustments according to the type of receiver, and also satisfy audio environment and preference needs.

It has a 3.7" AMOLED touchscreen that displays the intuitive control GUI at a glance. It is equipped with physical playback control buttons on the side of the device, as well as touchscreen buttons on the bottom of the display to enhance ease of use. It allows the user to view the song list, the current song playing, or the settings screen, and select the desired feature at the same time without having to navigate to a different screen. It provides a Gapless feature that plays the songs without gaps between each track. Various player skin designs, matrix browser, high definition Album Art View, and Stereo level meter are displayed on the vivid screen for visual enjoyment. 'PLENUE S' also has a microSD card slot on the side of the device for easy storage expansion.

An external device expansion terminal is located on the bottom of the device, which can be connected to a cradle designed exclusively for 'PLENUE S' (to be introduced in the market in the future). The XML Line Out found on the rear of the cradle allows 'PLENUE S' to be used as a mountable DAC to connect to external amps for added versatility. The cradle is designed with layers of metal plates, and it also has a high quality analog level meter for an attractive appearance.

The titanium silver color Full Metal UniBody design made with processed aluminum for durability and luxurious appearance is another advantage of 'PLENUE S'. Particularly, the linear engraving design on the rear maximizes the surface area of the device to promote the stability of Hi-Fi device operation. Also, the precision-cut design of the metal head on the top, the complimenting circular power button, and the attractive LED indicator that envelopes the power button illustrates the practical and attractive design characteristics of the new PLENUE devices.

COWON's CEO, Nam Gyu Park, said, "All of COWON's technologies and know-hows for reproducing master sound source audio quality have been integrated into 'PLENUE S'" and added, "We hope that our customers could enjoy a higher quality audio experience through the powerful output and precision audio playback features of 'PLENUE S'".

(Feb 12, 2016)