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Announcing the release of jetAudio 6.1.2
We are announcing that the jetAudio 6.1.2 is available now.
Please refer to the descriptions below for more information about this version, and click on the link below to download the basic or plus upgrade version.

Go to download page

You can purchase the plus version at our online store.

  What's New in jetAudio 6.1.2
  Bug fix of jetAudio
    - Fixed various bugs

  What's New in jetAudio 6.1.1
  Bug fix of jetAudio
    - mp3PRO bug patch

  What's New in jetAudio 6.1.0
  * Adjust color/hue/contrast while playing video files. (When using Overlay Mixer or VMR)
  * Automatic lyric search through Leo's Lyric Database
  * Toolbar Mode
    - Main window can be attached to top/bottom edge of desktop.
  * External Spectrum Window
  * MPC Writer Plugin
    - Can create MPC files
  * Enhanced AVI Playback
Plays incomplete AVI files.
Plays AVI files while downloading.
  * Enhanced MPG Playback
    - Plays MPG files while downloading.


(Feb 17. 2005)