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CNET Review Editor's rating - Very good (8.5 out of 10)

The good:
Supports 57 file formats; includes tools for ripping, burning, external recording, file conversion, and broadcasting; features are highly customizable; performs superbly; has a timer and alarm utility that can control other computer functions.

The bad:
No built-in MP3 encoding; playlists are misleadingly called "albums;" no device syncing option--not even with JetAudio MP3 players; interface can't be resized unless you switch skins.

- Reviewed By Jasmine France, Edited by James Kim, November 2, 2004
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CNET's Top 100 of 2004

Laura mentioned the JetAudio software in the "Download This." The article was on fun download programs to use at work. JetAudio was mentioned along side Apple ITunes, MusicMatch Jukebox, RealPlayer, and Winamp as one of the popular players that are compatible with Mozilla FireFox v1.0.

- By Laura Blackwell, November 29, 2004
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: Unleash.Com Review

Review of jetAudio 5.1.6 Plus

Picking the right software to play, manipulate and burn CDs can mean picking several. One program's strength can be another's weakness. With the ever shifting demands of the digital divide, having control over music files means choosing several select applications. This is why Jet Audio should be included on your list of sound playing, burning and conversion programs.

- By Kurt von Behrmann, August 07, 2003 full review

: DOWNLOAD.Com Review

The great MP3 player match-up : Winamp 3.0 VS jetAudio 5

Oddly enough, a contest between JetAudio 5.1 and any earlier Winamp 2x would have been harder to call. But when the dust settled in the battle with Winamp 3.0, powerhouse JetAudio 5.1 dominated the ring, beating the odds and the house favorite while playing a high-fidelity victory song.

- By H. Cunningham, March 19, 2003 full review

: ZDNet.Com Review

Play music and video, burn CDs--with one app

my favorite of the bunch, lets you rip, play, burn, and even stream your music to the masses. This is the one I decided to test-drive to see if an all-in-one is right for me and I must say, so far so good! (Free/Windows)

- By Jason Parker, Contributing Editor, May 30, 2003 full review

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