Product Information
Release Notes
How to Use

  Quick and easy setup
    - Only one dialog box for configuration.
  Icon located in system tray No desktop space required.
  Capable of checking multiple (upto 50) email accounts of POP3 servers.
  Automatically check mailboxes at pre-programmed intervals.
    - You can set it from 1 min to 1440 min (24 hours).
    - You can set exact time you want to check.
  Indicates the number of messages received.
  Multiple programmable notification methods.
    - Visual, sound, and program launch.
    - Programmable audible notification ( Built-in 48 wave files.)
    - Auto-launch e-mail client program when new mail arrives.
    - Pop-up message notification.
    - Blink Scroll-Lock LED in keyboard
  Launch your e-mail client program with a double-click the icon. (Configurable double-click action)
  Support Exchange, Netscape, Outlook, Internet Mail, Outlook Express as e-mail client. You can register your mail client reader, too.
  Background operation requires no intervention.
  Negligible network impact.
  Fast, small application uses little memory footprint or system resources.
  Synchronizes your computer's clock with an Internet atomic clock time servers.
  Supports Dial-up networking users.
  User can remove spam mails automatically.
  User can Preview and Delete messages in the Notification dialog box.