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  jetMailMonitor 6.0 is a E-Mail checking utility that conveniently notifies you when new messages arrive on your POP3 mail server.
It supports up to 50 e-mail accounts and supports Exchange, Netscape, Outlook97, Internet Mail, Outlook Express by default. You can register your own mail client program, too.
  jetMailMonitor is a tray application for Windows 95/98/Me and NT4.0/2000/XP that can notifiy you immediately when new messages arrive on your POP3 mail server without having to keep your e-mail client program always running.
  It supports multiple (upto 50) e-mail accounts and includes a configurational polling cycle. That is, you just set the mail server, username and password for each accounts, periodic interval and it takes care of the rest.
  Notification options include displaying the status of new messages as an icon in the system tray, playing a user specified WAV file, launching your e-mail client program, showing a message box.
  It supports Exchange, Netscape, Outlook, Internet Mail, Outlook Exporess by default as e-mail client. You can register your own e-mail client program, also. These e-mail client can be launched on new mail or by double-clicking jetMailMonitor icon on the tray.
  With jetMailMonitor, you can use TimeSync, synchronizes your computer's clock with an Internet atomic clock time servers. You can change the interval for TimeSync, and select time server. jetMailMonitor provides a fast and easy way to synchronize your computer's clock to an "atomic" clock over the Internet.
  You can preview and delete e-mails in the Notificaion dialog box. You don't need to run e-mail client software to remove e-mail.
  You can delete spam mails automatically. Just enter sender's e-mail address or keyword, then jetMailMonitor checks and removes spam mails.
  jetMailMonitor is a freeware and provides clean and simple operation that anyone can configure and run in seconds.