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  Step 7. Setting up "Connection" Method
jetMailMonitor Supplies not only lan users but modem users with effective methods of new mail checking.

The function that connects to network by dial up, checks mail, rings off automatically is added.
  Step 8. Setting up "Client" Method
In [Client] tab, you can designate a mail client program which can be used with link.

Basically, Outlook express, Exchange, Netscape and outlook97 are available. You can designate another program selecting [Browse,,]. In this case, you can designate some parameter and startup Dir.
  Step 9. Setting up "Icon" working
Lastly, In [Icon] tab, you can set up for an icon indicated in the tray.

[When there is no e-mail] icon appears when you get no mail. You can choose among four patterns.

[When new e-mail arrives] icon appears when you have got new mail or unread mail. You can choose among 3 patterns.
Besides these, Jet Mail Monitor supplies 3 more icons. Gray colored icon appears when you stop mail searching temporarily. [Error] icon appears when connection to internet is interrupted or mail server doesn't reply. [Warning] icon appears when you have more mails than you designated previously.

By double-clicking tray icon, you can run a mail program or let set up dialogue box appear by designation.
  Step 10. Check E-Mail Now !
After all set-up is finished, click [OK]. Click right button of a mouse on the icon in the tray. Select [Check E-Mail Now!]. jetMailMonitor connects to your mail server and check if you have new mail or not.
  Step 11. Alarming New Mail
It will check if you have new mail and let you know you have 1 mail, starting Outlook express and so on.

With right mouse click the icon and selecting [Pause Check], you can pause searching temporarily without being disconnected and icon changes.
  Step 12. Confirming Monitoring State
If you select [View Status] command, a small box will appear. And you can see the process.

Having obvious and simple menu formation, Jet Mail Monitor is easy to use. And It is very tight in weave.

Though program itself is not so big and splendid, Jet Monitor gives full play to its function hidden in the tray.