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How to Use

  Voice Recognition does not work.
    The left icon means "Run" mode.
    The left icon means "Stop" mode. To switch to "Run" mode, click right mouse button on icon, and select [Start Voice Recognition] item.
    The left icon means "Sleep" mode. In "Sleep" mode, jetToolBar recognizes only one voice command. When you talk "Computer's Name" entered in [Preferences] dialog box, jetToolBar switches to "Run" mode from "Sleep" mode.
    If voice recognition does not work in "Run" mode, please check your mic and volume settings with MicWizard. You can see voice command which you can talk in QuickView window
  How can I access menu for buttons?
    Click right mouse button on the button. You may see "Context Menu" for button. To see "Main Menu", click right mouse button on the tray icon. You can use almost features of jetToolBar with the context menu.
  Which word should I talk for voice recognition ?
    You should talk the name of the buttons. To see the names, adjust button size. jetToolBar displays the names when button size is "Small & Long (with Text)", "Large and Long (with Text)", "Very Large and Long (with Text)", and "Very Large (with Text)". You can verify button name with tooltip also. If your mouse hovers over the button, jetToolBar displays the tooltip.
    If you want to change the name, select [Properties] item in context menu. In [Properties] dialog box, you can enter new name for the button. You can't change the name of the button in [Control Panel] or [Desktop] categories. You can see active voice commands in QuickView window.
  jetToolBar recognizes another word
    Check microphone settings with MicWizard. You can run MicWizard from "Main Menu". Check voice command (name of button). Try not to include any abbreviated word like "CNet" or "ZDNet". Speech Recognition engine can't understand most abbreviated words.
  In "Run" mode, I can't hear any other sounds
    To speech recognition works, speech recognition engines uses sound card recording device. If your sound card does not support "Full Duplex" feature, you can't hear any sounds while speech recognition works. Try to use "Recognition HotKey". You can switch between "Run" and "Stop" mode easily with this hotkey.