Product Information
Release Notes
How to Use

  jetToolBar is the first speaker - independent voice recognition toolbar in Korea. It runs program by recognizing everyone's voice without previous training and with its embodying way of vocabulary-independence, you can add more recognition command as you wish.

With jetToolBar, you can gather programs in a icon-feature, run programs with mouse click or voice with ease while jetToolBar is on the Window.
    Set Up
  Installation of jetToolBar is very simple. Run Jtb30tk.exe, then it will be uncompressed into temporary folder automatically and proceed installation. You can proceed to install in accordance with Install Wizard's guide, and you can also test mic input and set up volume after installation.
  1. Mic Testing

- Adjust Volume properly through Voice input test with using Mic.
As jetToolBar runs and ends a program through mic input , it is very important to set up Mic volume level.
Inputting your voice with Mic, adjust volume level properly for voice recognition just like the picture below.
Then Soundwave feature will be displayed as bar level diagram.
So You can check if it works or not.
Right mouse click on jetToolBar icon in tray, select 'Mic Test' Then you can do this mic test.
  2. Position control

- You can move jetToolBar with "Position Control" menu to wherever you want.
Basically, jetToolBar will be positioned at the bottom of Window and "View Recognizable Commands" window at the right side.

You can run and end program by commanding with mic using "Recognizable Voice Commands" shown up on window.

You can move jetToolBar to wherever you want or use only whenever you want using Automatic Hiding function.

- If you select "Automatic Hide" menu, You can use jetToolBar only whenever you want.
You can see lots of menus of jetToolBar if you right mouse click jetToolBar icon in system tray positioned at bottom-right of screen. Among these menus, select "position control" and "automatic hide".